Garcia Tax & Accounting

Payroll Services for West Palm Beach, FL Companies

We'll help you choose, implement and run the perfect payroll for your business.

Compliant Payroll

Get the right payroll for IRS compliance.

Less Time & Risk

We'll run things for your team & do it right.

Integrated Payroll with Small Business Accounting

It's important that you approach payroll properly in order to mitigate IRS risk and obey all laws on the books.

Careful Cost of Goods Sold Labor Tracking

We'll help you carefully monitor your labor, track to stay compliant & maximize COGS opportunities.

We're Your Outsourced Team

We help businesses as their outsourced accounting team, freeing up your staff from the monotony of payroll tasks.

Compliant Payroll & CPA Oversight Services

Here at Garcia Tax & Accounting, we provide robust and accurate payroll services & accounting services to West Palm Beach, FL small businesses.

Tracking your labor properly to maximize your cost of goods sold, yet staying compliant and avoiding audit red flags is paramount.

We'll help you select, implement, and carefully deploy the easiest-to-use, yet audit-ready payroll system for your Miami business.

Get Year-Long Payroll & Accounting Service

You can enjoy peace of mind with compliant payroll from Garcia Tax & Accounting

All businesses should work with specialists to help them avoid overpaying in taxes and getting caught in compliance issues.

The cost of goods sold accounting makes things difficult, and properly tracking your workforce is one of the best ways to improve your profitability.

We'll be your guides through the entire process and help you not only select the right system, but we'll be your outsourced accounting team throughout the year.