DJ Garcia CPA Tax & Accounting for Cannabis Companies

280E Accounting & Cost of Goods Sold Specialists

Get professional, speciality accounting and bookkeeping services.

280E COGS Specialists

We'll guide you to avoid audit red flags.

Stay Compliant

We'll help you get the most out of COGS.

Pristine 280E Inventory Accounting

We help designate specific COGS and guide you to record detailed COGS deductions & guide on what doesn't qualify.

Rock Solid Inventory Accounting

We'll help you determine the proper inventory capitalization and valuation methods, allocation of expenses and their impact on Cost of Goods Sold.

Avoid Money Laundering Behaviors

We know the struggle and we'll help guide you to a better future.

Cannabis Tracking Software & Accounting for 280E Compliance

We'll help you accurately track labor through cost centers in order to streamline 280E workforce deductions.

Deductible vs. Non-Deductible Under 280E

A major function we administer is to help guide your workforce tracking, equipping you to properly track employee time and attendance to help optimize labor deductions.

We'll help provide extensive audit trails, easy to access compliance data and we'll guide you to streamline the entire process.

Deductible Labor COGS

Without optimizing your labor tracking and accounting to get the most write offs, your profits can plummet because of taxes.

It's important to track labor to denote which parts are deductible.

Types of Labor with Unique Deductibility:

  • Cleaning
  • Trimming
  • Curing
  • Packaging
  • Inventory
  • Raw materials and supplies
  • Indirect product costs such as equipment maintenance, utilities used to grow, supervisory wages and the cost of quality control and inspection.

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