Cannabis Company Accounting, Tax & Bookkeeping

We're a Florida based CPA, Tax & Accounting firm that specializes in helping cannabis businesses and dispensaries.

Mitigate Audits & their Disruptions

280E Focused Accounting & Tax

Get Perfect Financials to Scale Upon

Bookkeeping, Tax & Accounting Together

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Don't Settle for a Typical Accountant - Get a Cannabis Specialist

Your cannabis business or dispensary will thrive with our outsourced accounting service for canna-businesses.

Outsourced Accounting

We're a CPA firm for Cannabis companies & we provide a complete accounting, bookkeeping, tax, audit & payroll service.

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Payroll Services

We'll help you choose, implement and run the perfect payroll for your business.

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Tax Reduction Planning

We're a Cannabis Specialty CPA firm that helps with 280e compliance & tax planning.

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Bookkeeping Services

Get professional, speciality accounting and bookkeeping services.

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Business Tax Returns

We'll file your tax returns & keep you compliant.

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Built for Small Business

Audits & Red Tape are Inevitable, We'll Keep You in the Clear

DJ Garcia Tax & Accounting comes alongside business owners as their outsourced accountants and help them scale & improve profitability, aggressively reduce taxes, establish pristine financials, never waste time doing their own accounting & provide CFO level guidance to help them scale.

Audits will be a breeze

Books never out-of-date

Mitigate audit risk

Attract Investors & build credit

One-stop shop ease

Focus on your business, we'll handle the rest

Who We Serve

CPA for Cannabis & Dispensaries

Your business will never be the same.

Never Overpay in Taxes

We help balance tax mitigation with audit risk reduction.  We'll keep you compliant & help you do everything possible to reduce your taxes.

Reports to Run Your Business

We'll help provide the necessary cash-flow, management & operational reporting your business needs to run well.

Avoid Hiring
Unnecessary Staff

You won't have to hire staff and you'll be able to keep your current team focused on income producing activities.

280E Experience & Wisdom

We're a CPA firm that specializes in the Cannabis 280e laws for nearly every state in the US.

Never Miss Investors

We know how to build financials that are attractive during mergers and acquisitions. If you want to scale & sell, we'll help you.

Year End Taxes Super Easy

We make your year-end, cannabis tax returns an absolute breeze. We'll keep you focused, avoid surprises & make life easy.

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Cannabis CPA & Dispensary Accountant

What We Deliver

We work with a smaller group of clients, so we can deliver high levels of customer engagement & stay hyper-attentive to their needs.

We Pickup Our Phone

We know how difficult this industry is, and we've built our firm to be hyper-focused so we can service a small number of clients at a higher level.

Lowered Taxes

We work throughout the year to help you implement strategies, so you don't overpay in taxes.

Pristine Financials &
Prompt Bookkeeping

Don't waste your time on bookkeeping. We'll keep your books up to date and ensure it's done to the highest standards.

Financial Reporting &
Business Guidance

We'll serve as your outsourced CFO, helping you with management reports & key performance indicators. We'll also produce fantastic financials that your lenders will love.

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Improving Cash Flow & Profitabilty

Better Cash Flow

Your business will get control of its cash flow and discover freedom.

Quickly Close IRS Issues

We'll swiftly deal with IRS issues as they rise.

Attract Investors

Our financials & controllership will create a company that attracts bigger investment & offers in M&E.

Love Your Business

In the end, we know you'll enjoy peace of mind & we'll empower you to simply grow your business.

DJ Garcia Tax Blog

Read Our Blog &
Get Tips

We've put together resources to help your cannabis company thrive.

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