Garcia Tax & Accounting

Outsourced Accounting for West Palm Beach Businesses

Our CPA firm provides complete accounting, bookkeeping, tax, audit & payroll service.

Tax & Bookkeeping

You can focus, we'll tackle the accounting.

Audit Risk Mitigated

Audits happen, we'll minimize their impact.

Credentialed & Experienced

Our CPA team has over 25 years of experience helping businesses with their books, taxes, and accounting needs.

We're a One-Stop Solution

Simplify & reduce the number of vendors you use with our outsourced accounting package.

Mitigate Audit Risk & Let Us Handle the Auditor

We'll reduce audit frequency, represent you to the IRS and get you free from your audit fast.

Outsourced Accounting & CFO for West Palm Beach Businesses

Small businesses need an expert CPA helping them navigate their finances and taxes.

The benefits of having a highly competent tax & accounting CFO will keep your business thriving.

We'll help you navigate:

  • Intense Competition
  • High taxes
  • Complicated books and payroll
  • Financial reports and statements
  • And more.

Business is hard. We're here to help.

We'll come alongside your business & make sure you're doing everything possible to stay compliant, improve profitability, lower taxes, mitigate audit risk and most importantly, swiftly end IRS audit cases.

Proactively Plan for taxes.

To make your business more profitable, you need to reduce your taxes as much as possible. Our experienced CPAs will help you create a year-long tax reduction plan to keep your tax burden as low as possible, keep you compliant with the IRS, and help you through an audit - if necessary.

We'll Protect You from Mistakes

Mistakes can happen when you handle your own bookkeeping and payroll services. These can cost you, and land you in trouble. Instead, you can avoid these problems by hiring our trusted CPAs.

We'll come alongside your operation and make sure that your accounting is spot-on, things are constantly up-to-date, and that no rules are broken.

We'll keep you from breaking accounting rules