Garcia Tax & Accounting

Accounting & Tax for Cannabis Farms, Nurseries & Grow Operations

We deliver excellent GAAP accounting & inventory management to maximize your cost of goods sold.

CPA for Cannabis Farms & Cultivators

We provide specialized CPA & Tax for Cannabis Farms

Cannabis Inventory Accounting

We're specialists in cannabis inventory accounting for 280E compliance

Software & POS Systems Create Risky Innacuracies

We'll ensure that your inventory and COGS are done to perfection, avoiding major audit risks.

Accurately Allocate Labor to COGS

Labor activities are handled uniquely in COGS, we'll help maximize your 280E write offs.

We Handle Proper Allocation of Indirect Costs

We'll help sort through the details of every cost and properly allocate them to get the most 280E compliant benefits.

Measure Real-Time Performance & Profitability Each Month

Our specialized 280E inventory accounting & tax services provide relevant and helpful data to help you scale your operations, reduce audit risks, and maximize tax efficiency.

Our CPA Firm Works Closely With Cannabis Farms & Grow Operations

When cannabis farms work with Garcia Tax & Accounting, you'll receive specialized inventory tracking and cost of good sold attention that helps you avoid major problems, reduce your taxes legally, and pull together the many systems your business relies on.

CPA for Cannabis Farms

Proper Cost Accounting for Cannabis Farms is Hard

Most CPA firms avoid inventory accounting for 280E businesses, because it's incredibly niche, and they're unable to recruit and train staff with the knowledge required to not only perform the proper accounting, but to get the most benefit for each client as well.

Top Tier Inventory Accounting for Cannabis Farms

Most firms have the theoretical knowledge, but lack the experience, to physically take the steps to do correct cost accounting.

Most accounting firms don't want to perform proper inventory accounting because it's time consuming, requires specialized competency, and is prone to mistakes.

We're a Specialized Inventory Accounting Firm Built Just for 280E

Proper inventory accounting & cost of goods sold accounting is time-consuming, difficult, and prone to mistakes.

Most firms have the theoretical knowledge, but lack the experience, to physically take the steps to do correct cost accounting.

CPA Firm for Cannabis Farms and Grow Operations

If you're searching for an accounting firm that specializes in cannabis farms and cannabis grow operations, then you're in the right place. Garcia Tax and Accounting is a Cannabis Specialist Certified Public Accountant. CPA's for Cannabis farms are hard to come by, but we've invested heavily into this industry and we're confident that your farm will love doing business with us.